Personal data

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  • Residence

    Via Solferino 301/2, Cadrezzate

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  • Professional bodies

    Varese Engineers

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Professional experiences

  • To presentMay 2017

    Qualified Expert (QE) for X-Gammaguard of Saronno (Va).

  • To presentNovember 2016

    QE for Iuav University of Venice.

  • To presentOctober 2015

    QE in the field of decommissioning of the nuclear plant, nuclear laboratories, medical services and x-ray machines at Joint Research Centre EURATOM in Ispra (Va) (JRC-Ispra) on behalf of CERAP S.A..

  • To presentApril 2015

    Member of the Working Group, Committee Fissile and Radioactive Materials at JRC-Ispra.

  • September 2015March 2014

    QE in the field of decommissioning of the nuclear plant, nuclear laboratories at JRC-Ispra on behalf of IBERDROLA.

  • To presentNovember 2007

    QE for industrial and Medical Companies in Italy.

  • March 2014October 2010

    Documental Team Leader and QE in the field of decommissioning of the nuclear plant at JRC-Ispra (Va) on behalf of IBERDROLA.

  • May 2013October 2006

    QE at dental offices and veterinary clinics in Tuscany.

  • December 2012January 2008

    Team Leader for technical radiation protection and QE for ARPA (Regional Agency for the Protection of the Environment) in Modena.

  • May 2012December 2006

    QE for Medical Institute in Modena.

  • September 2010July 2010

    Designer Team Leader and QE for the environment in which a neutron generator is used as part of national security.

  • September 2009September 2008

    Member of the Working Group for drafting the Guidelines for the management of waste and water discharge in Emilia Romagna.

  • January 2009January 2007

    QE at the Rizzoli Orthopedic Institute in Bologna on behalf of Health Physics Centre AUSL (Mo).

  • July 2009January 2008

    Member of the Ionizing Radiation Commission at ARPA (external member from November 2006 to December 2007) in Modena.

  • January 2009December 2005

    QE at the Health Physics Centre AUSL (Mo).

  • December 2008September 2005

    Manager and Team Leader of the research and study project on the properties of x-ray shield for Personal Protective Equipment at the Health Physics Centre AUSL in collaboration with the Department of Chemistry, Universities (Mo).

  • November 2008October 2008

    QE and designer Team Leader of the linear particle accelerator bunker for radiation therapy at the hospital of Carpi (Mo) on behalf of the Cooperative Cairepro.

  • December 2007September 2005

    Project Manager for the administration of the Personal Protection Equipment on behalf of Europrotex srl of Milan.

  • August 2005July 2004

    QE trainee at the Health Physics Centre AUSL (Mo).

  • July 2003April 2003

    Training course at Accenture Technology Solutions SpA in Milan.

  • March 2003January 2003

    Worked for Prisma Engineering Srl as programmer in Milan.

  • August 2002October 2001

    Military service at SEAD (Automatic Data Processing Section) in Florence, worked as hardware/software technician.

  • July 2001January 2001

    Member of a team of 15 researchers working in the development of UMTS systems in collaboration with Marconi Communications SpA, as ANSI C language programmer.


  • To presentMarch 2009

    Gave courses on Radiation Protection from natural sources, in research, industrial and health for industrial, environmental and Medical Companies in Italy.

  • To presentApril 2007

    Gave courses on Radiation protection in the field for patients and public health at the Health Physics Centre AUSL at hospitals in Modena and Bologna.

Teaching activity

  • June 2010October 2003

    Teacher of Electrical Engineering and Mathematics at the State Secondary School in Pistoia and Modena.


  • Six publications in scientific journals.

Education and qualifications

  • September 2008December 2005

    Qualification as QE level I, II and III in radiation protection from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies in Rome. Qualified and registered Technical Consultant and Penal Cases Surveyor for the Court of Pistoia (September 2008).

  • 2007February

    Qualification to practice RSPP (Responsible for Preventive Services and Protection) under the Legislative Decree n° 626/94.

  • 2006July

    Qualification to practice fire prevention under Law n° 818/84.

  • 2002January

    Qualification to practice as an engineer at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Florence.

  • 2001July

    Degree in Engineering of Telecommunications at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Florence.

Foreign languages

  • English

    Good working knowledge of both spoken and written English.

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I enjoy going to the gym and playing football.