Radiation Protection Expert

esperto qualificato in radioprotezione

My name is Mr. Manuel Cecchini, I graduated from the University of Florence, Department of Engineering (2001). I was enrolled as a member of the Order of Engineers in 2002.
I qualified as a Radiation Protection Expert (RPE) in 2005.
I have been employed as a private consultant in the field of Radioprotection for private and public companies since then.
In my role as a RPE, I have worked in various areas of radioprotection that use radioactive substances and X-Ray equipment, such as research projects, academic laboratories and manufacturing facilities.
I have collaborated with the Health Physics Dept., of USL Modena and the University of Chemistry “UniMoRe” on various research projects.
I have published several peer reviewed scientific papers and have participated at International Radioprotection conferences.
As my career and experience progresses I was appointed RPE in 2010 at the European Joint Research Centre in Ispra, Italy.
My roles involve working in Nuclear Decommissioning, Nuclear research laboratories and with X-Ray instrumentation. In addition to the above mentioned Radioprotection analysis and site projects as a RPE and Team Leader I am responsible for areas where ionising radiation is used, monitoring radiation, checking sensitivity levels and optimising safety procedure.
My passion for my work and the continual updating of my knowledge insure a constant improvement in my ability, guaranteeing a high level of professionalism for the companies with which I collaborate and their employees.