Service and Radioprotection Solution

The Radioprotection service implements all the measures necessary to guarantee a safe and healthy environment and workplace for all employees working with ionising radiation.
The consultancy and service support provided give a “Ready to Use” solution.
It is guaranteed by quality, effectiveness and an excellent price/quality ratio.
The high professionalism and many years of experience as a Radiation Protection Expert in both the medical and industrial field and in both research and safety, allows for the planning and development of customised projects.
Keeping up to date and being in close contact with the Administrative and Governing bodies who control the activity, are added values to support the client in fulfilling his obligations in Radioprotection as foreseen in the Legislation D.Lgs. 81/08 and D.Lgs. 101/20.

The main services offered are:

  • Training of personnel
  • Radiological risk assessment
  • Dosage levels of workers and the public under normal, malfunction and accidental conditions
  • Control of Radioprotection from X-Ray machines, the radioactive source and issue its approval for its use
  • Projects for Radioprotection and the environment for the safe use of X-Ray machines and radiation sources
  • Preparation of paperwork relative to Radioprotection to forward to the Administration and technical regulatory bodies
  • Creating and up keeping of Radioprotection documentation e.g. Radioprotection Register, Personnel booklet on Radioprotection, Personnel dosimeter card registration and certification of Dosimeters
  • Environmental monitoring of radioprotection
  • Periodic testing of equipment, devices and radioprotection instrumentation
  • Radioprotection assistance in case of accidents.
  • Monitoring of contamination in the environment which uses radioactive source
  • Management and disposal of radioactive waste
  • Management of the decommissioning of X-Ray equipment and radioactive sources
  • Advice on complying with ADR class 7 rules, transportation, packing, loading and unloading, handling and disposal of radioactive material
  • Management of the decommissioning of Nuclear facilities