Training programme

The training programme offered pays special attention to the main issues relating to the subject matter and is planned to meet the necessary specifications.
In the role of permanent training the main areas covered concern the radioprotection managers, supervisors and workers and the ionising radiation source used.
The training supplied fulfils the foreseen requirements of the Health and Safety Legislature D.Lgs. 81/08 and complies with regulations D.Lgs. 101/20 and subsequent amendments.
The competences acquired on both a theoretical and practical level help develop the natural skill levels of the professional.

The main skills acquired from the training are:

  • Basic physics of Radioprotection: general physical signs and properties of ionising radiation
  • Measurement Instrumentation: environmental dosimetry, personal dosimetry and contamination assessment
  • Measurement of Radioprotection: dosimetry and radioactive protection
  • Biological effects of ionising radiation: signs, variables, effects on an embryo and foetus
  • Reference Legislation D.Lgs. 101/20 and subsequent amendments of the Health and Safety Rules
  • Technical behaviour: precautions and radioprotection devices that must be implemented by the employer and the workers to reduce the risk of radiation
  • Management and use of Personnel Protection Equipment (PPE): choosing a suitable PPE. Its correct use and maintenance
  • Management of Communal Protection Equipment (CPE): choosing a suitable CPE. Its correct use and maintenance

The training is planned with the client to analysis and understand the site environment in which the radiation source is located, taking into account the activities preformed and the operating positions of the workers concerned.
The end result is a knowledgeable professional, who knows and applies the fundamentals of Radioprotection and is up to date on current legislation, operating techniques, and most recent good procedures to contain the risk of exposure to ionising radiation.
The specific duration of the training courses depends on the type of the radiation source, the environment in which it is used and the number of workers using the equipment. It will therefore vary depending on the training needs of the client.

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